Professional Details

: Associate Professor
: 02-07-1997
: Machine Learning, Soft Computing Techniques, Pattern Recognition, Data Mining
: Exam-Cooordinator, Department of Computer Science


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Educational Qualification

: M Sc, Ph D
: Assam University Silchar


: N/A

Projects Guidance:

: List of Projects
: List of Projects
: List of Projects
  1. Investigation of Fuzzy Pattern Recognition Techniques For Medical Diagnosis
  2. Artificial Neural Network for Prediction of Area and Crop Production Across Different Agro-Climatic Zones of Assam
  3. Rough Fuzzy Set Approach to Feature Selection and Classification
  4. Soft Computing Methodologies and its Applications to Estimate Local Scour at Bridge Abutment
  5. Design Approaches for Multibiometric Systems
:List of Projects
  1. Genetic Algorithm for Travelling Salesman Problem
  2. IRIS Recognition System
  3. Automated Image Captioning using deep neural network
  4. Weather condition prediction from image using convolution NN

Workshops/ Seminars

: List of Workshops
  1. ANN for Prediction of Area and Production of Maize Crop for Upper Brahmaputra Valley Zone of Assam (IEEE)
  2. Performance Evaluation of Feature Selection Methods for ANN Based Iris Recognition (IEEE)
: List of Trainings
: List of Conferences
  1. Iris Segmentation using Adaptive Histogram Equalization and Median Filtering (IEEE)
: List of Seminars
  1. Rough Fuzzy Classification for Class Imbalanced (Springer)
  2. A new cluster validity index for type-2 fuzzy c-means algorithm (IEEE)

List of Publications

: List of National publications
  1. Prediction of Area and Crop Production for Summer Rice and Maize of Upper Brahmaputra Valley Zone of Assam using ANNs
: List of International publications
  1. In SILICO Approach to Design Potential Small Interfering RNA (siRNA) against Plant Pathogens and Diseases
  2. A Comparative Study of Feature Extraction and Classification Methods for Iris Recognition
  3. Genetic Programming for Prediction of Local Scour at Vertical Bridge Abutment
  4. An Exponential kernel based fuzzy rough sets model for feature selection
: List of Other publications

Address for Communication

: Department of Computer Science Assam University, Silchar Cachar Assam 788011
: N/A